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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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We will not be responsible for any data loss or corruption on the smartphone or computer. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain backup. Data loss and / or corruption may occur during repairs and unlocking

We will not be responsible for any data plans, any software issues and any hardware issues on the smartphone and/or computer except the ones that the customer has specifically ordered us to repair / install.

Free checkup of computers will be done only once per computer. We can only offer free checkup on computers that can boot and have genuine licensed operating system

We do not deal in any pirated software and will not be responsible for any such software on customers computer.

All customers are advised to check their smartphone and/or computers after repairs. We will not be responsible for any missing items and / or damage once the customers has left our store.

Customer must ask for a printed ticket for any repair services conducted by us. There are 2 copies of the ticket which should be signed by the customer. One copy is retained by the customer and the other copy is retained to by us. Customers must present their copy at the time of collection of their devices.

We offer 30 days warranty on hardware repairs only. We do not offer any warranty on software.

We cannot offer warranty on Screen / LCD if its damaged in anyway including crack, impact, water, smudges on the screen, etc

Any device left in our store for repair must be collected immediately after we inform you that the repair is complete. Once repair is complete, any device left in our store for more than 7 days will be disposed off and we cannot be held responsible for that.

At our discretion, we may charge a labor fee of $25 in the event a device cannot be repaired


For devices that have liquid damage, we can only attempt to fix the problem, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix liquid damaged devices. We also cannot guarantee that all the functions (cameras, wifi, cellular, etc) will return back to normal. Our sole objective of fixing a liquid damaged phone is so that the customer can get back their data. We cannot guarantee that the device and all its functions (that are working) will continue working after the customer leaves our store. Customer must agree to all these conditions explicitly before handing the device for repair.


For unlocking services we will issue refund if we cannot unlock the smartphone provided the smartphone a) belongs to you, b) has not been blacklisted or reported lost/stolen c) has no outstanding bills d) has not been hard-locked and e) you have provided accurate information about the original country of registration and network

We will not be responsible for any other issue occurring on the phone after unlocking

Unlocking service once ordered and paid for cannot be cancelled.

Receiving unlocking codes may be delayed in some cases. This delay can extend up to 7 days.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the smartphone is not reported as lost/stolen and has no unpaid bills. Unlock codes may not work on smartphones that are reported lost/stolen or have unpaid bills.


We only accept returns within 2 weeks of sale

All returns must be due to a problem, we do not entertain remorse returns / buyer regret

All returns must be in its original packing and condition

Any returns will only be against an item in exchange or store credit.

We do not accept returns for the following items:
a. Tempered Glass once installed
b. Battery once installed

Though we will do our best to meet delivery times stated, but all delivery time are estimates with no guarantees.

We may sometimes require you to provide additional identity document to prevent Credit Card fraud.

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